Want to make your own animation, cartoon, or anime! Well now you can with Pivot. It is a simple easy-to-use animator thet is perfect for kids of all ages. Click on the download to get it.
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YOu should know about the tradegy in Haiti. Well we think you should donate as much as you can!!!

stuff to do in D.C

You can go visit the new baby gorrila at the zoo. It is really cute and endangered.

Are I-Pods worth it?

An I-Pod is about 200-300$ while I just got a 120 doller ZEN that can check e-mail, play 1000 songs and is better looking.

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ComiX is a comic compony run  by xavi!!! we sell two comics!!!-XAVI

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Lickfino is a graphic novel company run by Lukey and his freinds, :)

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PINK LASER STE IS PRETTY COOL and was inspired by xaviandlukey

My website is really cool! I am Xavi and Lukey's cousin. My website is called www.bongaboom.weebly.com. It is packed from sports news to games to fun facts. Hope you enjoy!

Hey guys you can go to gametips.weebly.com

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